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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 16, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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the situation. first he had to finish out his march bracket. >> steve: say it isn't so. >> brian: "fox and friends" starts right now. >> martha: the last on the story out of japan. workers in the failed nuclear physicists riactor site are getting set to go back to work. one report said the workers niver left that site and then reports that they evacuated 50 corgous people who were staying there to try to cool the nuclear physicists reactors . we have had conflicting reports. >> brian: four of those men are missing. they were working on one of the reactors. we'll follow up on that. >> martha: unbelievable story . new pictures show at least two of the plant's reactors are
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completely destroyed . we have seen the araeil shots . trying to figure out what to do next to prevent a complete meltdown there. >> brian: when tempco was fulling -- pulling out the prime minister demanded what was going on and demanded they go back. >> steve: we'll go to ykoto air force base. david piper is standing by. >>reporter: the new crisis piraling oust control. in a desperate move japanese military helicopter was sent up with a huge bucket of water to dump it on the fukushima plant. they had to abort the operation because of the radiation too high . tv pictures showed moke or
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steam rising from the facility today. authorities have sprent days trying to prevent the water . reactors from evaporating. there are explosions in the plant since it was damaged in last friday's magic quake. it was "not realistic to think that this is the start of a nuclear physicists chain reaction. they are looking for more u.s. military help to contain the fires. prime minister naoto kan urged people 20 mile raduous of the plant to at a indoors. we are on the outskirts of japan and there is a massive military relief on the way to help the survivors. >> brian: you can see david piper doings a great job. it was snowing last night. some people say 13 inches of snow.
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if you are in the region and running out of food and water and the word is stay in your house and seal the windows. who will feed you and get you supplies. you have to wonder if people cannot get back in there and is it time to put sand bag and concrete to entomb. >> steve: if these are the local headlines. japanese nuke cloud . panic would you want to leave your house? >> brian: you might want to get out of the country which a lot of people are doing. >> martha: hunker down and block off your house and there is such fuel water and power short annuals and everything is out in the houses make a tough place to stay . every day we are bringing you shocking photos really that bring owl of this home for everyone . take a look at this picture.
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it is a house completely intact literally lifted off of the moors and flooted out in the ocean and the uss reagan did a site ipspection of the house which appears to be intact and no one that anyone was spotted. and the man hanging on the roof of his house. incredible picture. >> brian: a and they're sealed in the bottom. 92 if my house got washed away . it would be intact. we know from all of the video of the small woodep houses were immediatelily destroyed with the oncoming tsunami. look at all of that debris and wood from the little houses that couldn't with stand the big tidal wave. >> brian: no one had to hurt people in california that the tsunami could hurt you. with the reactors giving the
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japanese people and government trouble. in the west coast, people are concerned that the radio active air is coming our way. they are taking action. >> martha: they are selling out of iodine pills in a lot of stores in california . mixed messages coming out from the surgeon general. yes. it is a good preventative. they have no reason to believe that the people in california should be concerned about you can understand why people choose to stock up. that is from the surgeon general benjamin. she was in the bay area. she was asked by a reporter what do you make of the run on iodine pills. her comments are it is good to be prepared and not an overreaction and a good precaution. as soon as that hit the fan, it was released someone from the california emergency management situation said people don't need to worry,
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because in fact they said if there was a radiation release from diablo canyon from the nuke plant in california. they would only issue iodine tablets to people in a 10-square mile area. you have people thousands of miles away in california . experts in california are saying we would only do it within 10 miles and the u.s. surgeon general, probably a good thing to be prepared. >> brian: i wasn't aware people are spotting up potassium iodine pills and crisis in libya and budget stand off in washington and big budget picture for 20len standing up strong . saudies invading bahrain and the secretary of state getting the shove from the new government in egypt, you wonder what the president is doing and where can he focus. >> steve: on a bracket.
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>> brian: what do you mean? >> steve: it is march madness. >> brian: he filled out his bracket for espn? >> martha: you have to wonder. we heard when david and richard came in that communication's message would beed and the view would be that the president was in charge and there were a more serious attitude coming out of the white house and more discipline in the message. you have to wonder if this is the image why the president of the united states. karl rove said on the issue. everybody expects the president to let off steam and everybody understands that. >> brian: what a balance. >> martha: but when you are creating the message, what do you want to send out, this is not what people want to see begin the un- given the nature of what is going on. the president transacted the
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team to fully instruct with nato and partners and organizations in the region. >> brian: does he understand what is going on three rebels left in office in sweater vest. here is dana piroro. >>reporter: he did three interviews for key battle states. they are starting early. he has yet to do a interview with nhk which is the main new's outlet in japan. how reassuring for the japanese. >> brian: he talks about bullying and women's rights in the workplace and no child left behind and where is the urgeency on the issues that are shaping the globe right now? it doesn't seem to be there. >> martha: it is it a very legitimate question to ask what the president is doing and the focus. women's history month and bullying and visit with the chicago blackhawks. 92 upon listen you two, we
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hear him weighing in on the pitts perimeter game. he will release those statements later on in espn. >> martha: violence escalating in bahrain overnight. this is an important lempt what is going on in the middle east. security swept through the main public square . around dawn. they used tear gas to drive hundreds of protestors. they don't want the situation in bahrain. they set fire to one of the camps . two protestors and a couple of policemen are reported to be dead in this situation . american diplomats are urging bahrain leaders to use retraint and move faster with reform. as we countdown to a possible
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it government another temporary budget bill while they figure out how much should be cut from the budget . it cuts 6 billion in spending and gives congress more time to work out the full-blown budget when they get it figured out for the rest of this year. short term measure can be today in the senate. but republicans and democrats are showing resistance against doing a second stop gap measure. tensions could refuel the fuppeding for the government pass for this week . talking about nasa, they prepare to launch shuttle endevor for the last time. there is a problem, a substance believed to be cocaine found in cape canaveral. the nasa inspector general is not saying where or what
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circumstances. tests are done to confirm that it is indeed cocaine. a number of nas workers are expected to undergo drug test after a 53 year old worker fell to his death from the launch pad. and and how about this political front and possibilities of 2012. donald trump getting roasted for charity. he closed his show last night . really what sounds like the possible ground work for a 2012 presidential bid speech. let him talk. >> america is going through tough times and we are all needing to laugh, true. [applause] if we believe in ourselves and the way i believe in myself . i really do believe in myself. then come june if i decide to
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run, you'll have the great pleasure of voting for the man that will easily go down as the greatest president in the history of the united states. me. donald john trump. [applause] >> "god bless america" and good night. >> his middle name is john. >> believe in me the way i believe in me i will be the greatest president of the united states. >> >> brian: if he is president those nations who think we are arrogant will have nothing to q. on. i dare you to rule donald trump out you're fired. >> brian: in the nuclear physicists meltdown. our next guest say it is not another chernobyl. disaster. >> are we overreacting. a maul tormentor gets a taste
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>> steve: we are getting word thaters are returning at this moment to the fukushima power plant after being ordered to leave when a steam cloud from reactor number three sent radiation levels spiking. this as the disaster is at a level 6 out of 7 levels that. is worse than three mile island and a step below chernobyl. william tucker is here. author of how the nuclear physicists power will end
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america's odessy. look at the cover of the daily news it said panic it is it a serious situation. >> i don't think it is it a panic. i think the press is doing a great disservice to the country and everyone by panicking on the situation and portraying it to be worse and more panicky than it is. when radiation is released people get worry. >> it is a panic for the people in japan. there is 6000 miles of between us. i think you should say no body on the west coast should be buying iodine. >> steve: unlike the surgeon general saying yeah people should be prepared. >> that doesn't mean you panic and run to the drug store. >> steve: over the last day. it was determined to the sprint scale it is worse than three mile.
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>> yes, there is a crack in the containment structure that. is beyond what is in three mile ilabbed. >> steve: but below chernobyl. you are talking apples oranges. in chernobyl there was graphite. >> that was a soviet extrave gansa. we'll never have that again. but people talk about what if it meltdowns as if it is's bomb going off. everyone thinks it is a bomb. if you have a meltdown. it means that the fuel melts to the bottom of the container and that's it what we are worried about is radiation release. as long as the fuel is contained and the steel structure has not rupured or broken and you have the concrete containment on the outside of the reactor that there is a crack . you will see steam coming out and radio active and there will be traces of radio
6:19 am
activity in that. but it is not a nuclear physicists explosion. >> steve: your message is calm down. >> thousands of people about to starve and don't have water. there are more serious thing to worry about now than a little radio active steam in one place coming out. it will disapate in the atmosphere and that will be. >> steve: that's good news. all right. bill tucker, his book is call would terestial energy. martha and brian are down in the control room. >> brian: that is great information. coming up. call it a last second cash grab. hundreds of union workers may have figured out a way to give themselves a raise. >> martha: taxpayer money train about to mach a big stop in honor of joe biden for all of his hard work on the stimulus. >> brian: is he back from russia? ♪
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>> steve: here is headlines. later on today the house rules committee expected to vote on a bill to strip funning for national public radio. this comes a week after a release of a controversial videotape that showed a top npr executive insultings tea party. mayor karlos alvaez and a commissioner saleas are fired after a whopping 88 percent voted to recall them. the recall because the mayor pushed through a budget and hiked the tax rate.
6:24 am
commissioners have 30 days to appoint a new mayor. brian and martha. >> brian: before the busting bill could take affect hundreds of union workers gave themselves a raise. >> martha: they tried to get it in before the legislation took place. joining us now is a senator from wisconsin. >> good morning. >> martha: good to have you here. they maybe tabled the idea and rushing in raises in their contract before they lose the collective bargaining rights. >> it depends on the community. many are racing to do so. in my home town community of walata and home town community of governor walker the council decided not to rush through the contracts because hundreds of citizens showed up and said no, don't push it through. it was a huge victory, but many other parts of thitate
6:25 am
and communities, -itate and - state and communities, there is pressure to lock them in place and the benefits with those contracts. >> brian: you have an impasse and 14 leave the state and strip out the fiscal information and put the vote together and the bill passes. but despite the governor's urging. the secretary of state will not post until the 28th of this month. this shows how deep the bitterness is between the democrats and republicans, am i correct? >> absolutely. it speaks to the problem that governor walker and the legislature is trying to solve. that is that the unions used their power to elect officials that support their agenda in the local level and used their power to intimidate those who don't. that's why the bill was necessary. remember the reason we are behind this. we are 3.6 billion in the hole and moving forward, we have to
6:26 am
give local units of government they need to deal with the impending short fall of money they will be receiving from the state and doing what we are doing, passing the bill gives that flexibility to the district. >> martha: go ahead. >> pushing these contracts through actually means that the unions are willing to sacrifice their own. it will result in job loss. >> martha: when the bill passed, the word from governor walkir will not have to lay off are upon you pink sleeps. now he upon have to go back in that posture. >> it is all about consolidating and protecting their powerine if their own lose jobs it is very unfortunate and thankfully the taxpayers are understanding it and get and rising up as
6:27 am
evidenced last night. that was the community a week ago had a town hall meeting that the congressman and i went to because of the union folks that were there. >> brian: hopefully civility returns and you can go back to doing your job. >> thank you so much, bye-bye. >> brian: coming up. >> martha: sara palin is making a bold claim that president obama is rising up gas prices intentionally. stewart will weigh in. >> brian: i prefer him walking n body slam not what you think. the big kid is fighting back against a tiny bully. why is he the one in trouble. >> martha: happy birthday eric estrada. he's 62 today. how is that possible? ♪
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>> steve: we have a fox news alert. containment effort japan's fukushima nuclear physicists reactor are back on finally this morning. work was held up overnight after radiation levels made it too dangerous for the crew to
6:32 am
stay oversite. officials are trying to decide the next step in trying to stave off further damage. they abandoned the plan to use helicopters on the site saying it would be too dangerous. other options are to use fire trucks and boric acid . large after shocks rock the quake ravaged area. this video shows a 6.0 magnitude shock near sheeba, japan. the death tollis 3373. and the number expected to surpass the 10,000 mark before it is all over. >> martha: japanese airports are packed as people are anxious to leave the country. shocks are continuing to rock northeastern japan and the ongoing threat of tsunami, people are trying to leave and the same time the government
6:33 am
imposed a no fly zone. other airlines are shifting to okaka from tokyo as a precaution. >> brian: you have william paulet's two sons teaching english . they live there with their wifes and kids . the family has gotten in touch through skype. >> what is your biggest fear . >> not being able to get out. actually being stuck here. >> brian: they have tried to get back to the u.s. and say roads are total low impassable and make tough to get to an airport. >> martha: turning our attention to libya . despite tough tough the white house seems reluctant to helping the anti-gadhafi rebels. peter has the latest. >>reporter: good morning,
6:34 am
martha. we know how strong the white house's language was in the uprising in egypt and how strong it is against gadhafi. but hard to know what they want to do to get rid of gadhafi. when somebody asked the white house spokesman where the white house stand oz a no fly zone something that democrats and republican and independent senators say they want. jay carny said >> action like that should be considered and taken if decided upon in coordination with international partners. it is very important in the way we respond to a situation like we see in libya that it be international and not unlateral . it include the support and participation of the arab league and other organizations and countries in the region and that is our focus as we proceed with conversation. >> they not lead.
6:35 am
>> i take issue with the characterization. >>reporter: carny said we should want a president that thinks about the implications before hand and shouldn't have to wait too lock to see if the white house is on board with the international partners. on saturday, the arab league asked the un to impose the no fly zone . there will be a tech resolution and the obama administration pushed for a no fly zone, republican senator richard luger hopes they ask for a declaration of war against libya first. >> martha:, peter doocy in washington. >> steve: gadhafi's son got bad news. his mansion in london. it is no longer the libyan embassy it is call would free libyan embassy. >> martha: he's one of the brothers that through a party and had beyonce singing to
6:36 am
them. this is a picture of a big beautiful london home and high level kids in london and under new management indeed. we think we are doing our part. >> brian: watching out here on the big city creen. but the rebels are being routed because of no futefood or water or international support except for the french. french stood tall. >> steve: now they have a five million dollar mansion. >> brian: seems like cable television or directv backed them. sara palin wrote on facebook that the president is delivered an unwillingness here and now. access to affordable energy is key to job growth. it is a building block for the economy . the president is purposely weakening our company. what does stewart barny post
6:37 am
on facebook. is she telling the truth. >> let me simplify this. governor palin is saying two things . she blames the president for the gas price spike and uccessly, the president wants this gas price sphike. would we have four dollar gas if we drilled in the gulf. yes, we would. higher gas prices are the result of expanding global economy . where governor is right on that count, president obama's done nothing about the rise in gas prices and the absence of drilling in the gulf has made things worse. >> brian: i have a question that might awe steve. >> i think you >> brian: if you had a domestic drilling program and peckalators would not make a profit betting off against oil, correct. >> that is long term. gret out there and drill for
6:38 am
every drop of oil we have got in america. >> brian: happen in a week. >> you would have a long-term impact on the price of oil in the market place. but you can't get it out of the ground fast enough to affect the short term price of gas. >> martha: but if the president started u.s. drilling and saying you know what. we want to be independent from oil and we'll do it in a number of ways. green and nuck demuck and figure out had how to do that safely in ouroin country andan war and drill up our shores like china does, wouldn't that sentiment send the market back. >> that's right. what i said. you are > it is a long-term thing. if you had a real commitment of going to get the oil we have got . start declaring war on oil and embrace it instead, yeah,
6:39 am
there would be a long-term impact on oil and gas. >> martha: you know the reason they don't do that? it would take too long. >> does the president want higher gas prices? governor palin used his own words to say yes, he does want this. >> brian: i love the tension between you two. it is fox business network. >> i have a greeny on who wants to abandon nuclear physicists power. >> brian: you mean a irish man or martian. >> is that okay? you will watch. i hope so. >> steve: we have headlines. an international man hunt underway for two suspects whom investigators believe played a key role in the 2009 bomb plot for the subway train.
6:40 am
>> brian: muslim creamist. >> steve: imam is accused of training zazi who played guilty to the subway bomb plont [check] they left canada and headed to pakistan for terror training. >> brian: too many continents. a tiny terror meets his match when a larger victim fights back. casey in the red shirt and he reaches his limits. two bads for the bully. the bully there isa the little guy. he gets picked up slammed. >> steve: oh, my. >> brian: and the police say they may charge him. the bully is the little guy. however he faces no discipline. i think he is bust his hips. >> martha: barely can stand up. back to politics and pol washington. bide boyd has a train station named after him and you paid
6:41 am
for it he looks like abraham lincoln on the back of the amtrak. >> brian: i looked at lincoln footage. >> martha: he's done this for many, many years and underwent a 38 million renovation and 20 million of that was stim tim money. yeah . grand opening of joseph r. biden railway station. >> steve: he made sure it was spent properly. >> brian: sweet. >> steve: take a look. this is where it is raining. it is raining in the joe biden station in delaware and raining in penn staying here in new york and union station in washington d.c.. big storm in the northeast. transmittal plain states nice and dry . out west, a pacific storm continuing and that is your cast. >> brian: general petraeus testified yesterday on capitol
6:42 am
hill . what does he think about the plan to with draw troop in afghanistan. are we moving too fast to insure their safety? >> martha: homeowner's association ordering one family to get their kid to shut up. he's in big trouble. look at those sandals . he's too noisy. that's the problem. mom and dad are here to tell their story. ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one applation kills weeds and puts down a barer to stop new ones
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6:46 am
there. meanwhile all executions are called off in georgia this morning. dea and other federal agents seized the sedatives used in lethal injections. dea is investigating how the drugs were import indeed the united states. brian to you. >> brian: leading troop to afghanistan. general petraeus back in washington to testify about the war effort and the new system stirringly great. it appears we are winning . according to a new washington news post poll. thren percent of the americans believe the war is porth worth fighting. does it take the morale of the men and women down. general king, the testimony yesterday, if i told you six months ago things would be going this well, you would say brian it is a long shot. what happened to turn things around? >> we have the right amount of
6:47 am
troops for the first time and able to give it a priority that it deserves. when i say troops, president made the decision to escalate by 30,000 and they arrived in the fall of 2010. thated momentum and the second critical thing, there are 79,000 additional afghan security forces added in the last year. combination of both of that has truly made a fundmental difference and we turn today around. we have a lot to do in front of us and the momentum is on our side. >> brian: we made a statement that we are not going to have perment basis. how does that mesh with the iranian threat that stays on the border once we leave in a major way? >> permanent bases in afghanistan is obviously a decision by the afghan government and our own . i would say let's kick it down the road a bit .
6:48 am
turn the war around and get stability and security in afghanistan and we'll have a new government in afghanistan at that time . we'll see what kind judgments have to be made about permanent basis. my view is we'll need security and stability for the region. >> brian: david petraeus talked about iran and weapon's interception that they pulled off. >> we do see iranian activity to use both soft power in the way they shut off the fuel going into afghanistan and almost certainly to influence the political process well. >> brian: your assessment on pakistan. >> we have two sanctuaries in the east and south from which the taliban are conducting
6:49 am
retune assault. the pakistan pull the plug on them or we pull it down ourselves. as we make progress in afghanistan it will give significant leverage to convince pakistani that their strategic objectives aring. taliban will not regain power. we'll keep a stable government. that's different than what they thought the outcome would be. >> brian: general king knows because he just got back from there. we appreciate it. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. u.s. service members are heading for the disaster zone in japan and ricking their own lives to help. a mom saw her daughter deployed to the pacific and what is the military telling her. that's coming up . parents fined over a toddler that was too loud. they were playing in their own house. mom and dad tell their side of the story, next.
6:50 am
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>> martha: a texas couple is find by their homeowner's association because the nacious are complaining that the toddler is simply too loud. we'll bring in peter and abbey joining us from texas with their beautiful little boy sawyer. you are an absolutely lovely mam family. he doesn't look like a troublemaker and so what is going on? >> well, our homeowner's association charged us $250 but $50 for every future
6:54 am
incident that sawyer makes noise . we have done everything to mitigate the noise and taken the noisy toys uptears and brought our pillow top down in the family room to keep it quiet. we don't let him run back and forth. >> martha: he is a little boy and going to run around and two neighbors are complaining primarily; is that right? >> that is right. yes. >> martha, the crazy part about the whole thing. the complaints are during the daytime hours. we are understanding of the fact if he's running around late at night that is annoy obnoxious. they are complaining from eight o'clock a.m. and to 7:00 p.m. >> martha: one of the things in the notes for this. the place where you live the woodlands claimed it was an adult's only kind of
6:55 am
development, were you aware of that and did anyone make you aware of that when you signed the contract. >> absolutely not. we have done our due diligence and there were other family in there. >> martha: there are other fament fams with little kids. >> yes, of course. >> martha: this place has a prior history of getgiving folks a hard time. something about a marine and deckals on his car? >> we found out about that recently. apparently the homeowner's association gave the veteran a hard time stating that they were advertisements . it is amazing. >> martha: can you have him settle down, he's out of control as anyone can see. >> i know, i know. >> martha: statement from woodlands two homeowners. we consider it as a dispute
6:56 am
between neighborhoods. hopefully it is a reminder to all americans that everyone has rights and we should all try to be better neighbors, what do you think about that? >> marta, we agree. we have purchased and rugs and want to be good neighbors and when they told us that i was chasing him across the floor. until they told me how loud it was i immediately stopped. we below children and we understand how noisy it can be. we are going to extraordinary lengthses to be good courtous neighbors. >> martha: good luck with that and good luck for your outof control child. he is adorable. >> thank you, marta. >> martha: back to the story that is in the the story.
6:57 am
china, making an urgent announcement. fox news alert on that in the top of the hour and they tried to do it quietly. how america's biggest bank plan to make money by charging you on with draw are your money. what is new about that when we come back. the jaguar xj. automobile magazine's 2011 design of the year.
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than the bmw 7-series or mercedes s-class... making the decision to own a jaguar just arational as it is emotional. nart >> martha: we start with a fox news alert. it is touch and go as workers go back in to battlelet nuclear physicists melt down. a live report in japan. >> brian: reactor in the japanese power plant so controversial that scientist that designed it 40 years ago walked off of the job and why thought it couldn't with stand the disaster and no one listened. personal sacrifice that the americans are making to help
7:01 am
the japanese. what is the military telling her about radiation concerns? "fox and friends", hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> martha: we start this morning with a fox news alert. workers in the failed nuclear physicists reactor site going back in despite serious concerns. crews in the fukushima daiichi plant were evacuated and the levels sparked to dangerous new highs. two pictures show two of the reactors, they are completely destroyed and moments ago, chinese government ordered safety inspections for all nuclear physicists facility and french president nicholas sarkozy is calling a special meeting to discuss the future of nuclear physicists energy.
7:02 am
>> brian: he knows. 80 percent of his country is powered by nukes. we turn to david piper who is in the ykoto air base. hey, david. >>reporter: hi, brian. it is positive news that the workers. managed to get out. there is desperate moves so far to affect the heatingest plant. a japanese military helicopter with a huge bucket of water was sent up to power water over the reactors but had to abort the mission because of the high levels of radiation there. the authorities are spending days trying to prevent the water trying to cool the
7:03 am
reactors from evaporating the particular problem is a pole outside of reactor four. there was a fire there yesterday and the problem is, those spent full rods are outside of the main capt that surrounds the reactor. there is danger that more danger of radiation. the spokesman said it was not realistic to think that it is it a nuclear physicists chain reaction though. but there is a 20 mile raduous where they pulled people out of a 200,000 people have been taken out of that danger zone. they are suggesting those who remain, they should seal their doors and winnows, but there is criticism of that over the last 24 hours, you can't seal a home . at the moment, relief effort
7:04 am
is going very well . here in the ykoto air base, they are gearing up to help the survivors up in the northeast. back to you guys. >> steve: david piper back in japan. thank you. in the 19cents, three guys who worked at general electric. that is the company that manufactured and designed the reactors largely in use over in japan right now. it is mark one reactor. three engineers who is the known as the ge3. gregory minor and david hubard, felt manage was wrong with the design and no one paid to them and so they quit. >> brian: yeah, they were worried about the containment vessel. if something goes wrong they are not convinced it could handle the immense pressure if the back up generators operations failed. >> steve: you mean like what
7:05 am
is happening now. >> brian: they walked away 35 years ago and kept the fight going and got ge to retrofit >> martha: it is interesting head of the nuclear physicists reactor commission saying i don't have a warm feeling about the ge containment that i do about larger dry containments. there is a wide sprect rum to cope with severe accidents in the ge plants and i urge you to think seriously about the ability to cope that is 10 years after the three walked out there were concerns about this . no one can get close enough to know if the mark one only time will tell. >> steve: one of these fellas, dale brod know baugh how the state of california retrofitted bridge to make them earthquake proof and
7:06 am
after ge retrofitted all of this stuff he believes they are safe enough but not 100 percent sure. general electricity said the reactors are safe and reliable. but the power company operating them had problems in the past. >> brian: here is the past problems in 2007. failed to initiate report after radiation after a earthquake. government found falsication of coolant water in the fukushima plant itself . tepco acknowledged knowledge of cover up inspection data and admitted falsifying the test on the number one reactor . that's why people say we have learned not to trust what is coming out from the nuclear physicists regulatory commission in the past. that is the people of japan with raised eye brows. >> martha: talking about the u.s. nature navy and 7th fleet ordered to pull back due to
7:07 am
radiation concern now full steam ahead and getting back in position there. sailors are keeping family and friends in the loop with constant updates as you imagine they would like to have on the facebook page. crystal romans is serving as navy police on the uss essex . her mother pat albright joins us from dallas. pat, good morning, it is great to have you with us this morning. are you nervous about your daughter's mission? >> no, i am not whatsoever. >> brian: what is your interaction with crystal been like? >> excuse me? >> brian: what is your interaction with your daughter been like since she has been going. what have you said to her. >> i asked her how she was and she told me that she was fine and this is what she had trained for and they are
7:08 am
excited. >> steve: yeah, and pat, a couple of days ago when the news was that the defense department said we have to move the ronald reagan and the group ships away because of the radiation, you how do you feel about that? you see the headline, there could be trouble there? >> i know the navy knows what they are doing. and really don't worry. she's in the safest place she can be. i am as safe as she is i guess. >> martha: is this what she wanted do your daughter or did it surprise you that this is the life she chose for herself? >> no, not at all. she is a giving child. >> martha: i know she is a girlie girl when she doesn't have the uniform on. >> okay, crystal her bedroom
7:09 am
was peptobis malpink . i don't recall her wearing one outfit more than once. she's absolutely the girliest girl you would want to meet. but you put her in the uniform she is 100 percent navy. >> steve: i have a feeling she doesn't have pink on the ship and wears the same uniform every day. i understand she comes from a family of marines, right? >> yes, sir, her father and grandfather was a marine. >> brian: so they are used to missions that are anything but easy . specifically when you hear about the radiation concerns and you know there is a question mark for the people of japan and residents and our people trying to help out and other 12 countries that are on the ground what are your thoughts knowing your daughter is amongst them?
7:10 am
>> of course, there is concern. you don't want anyone hurt or injured. but i am sure they will take every safety precaution there is possible to keep her safe . >> brian: absolutely. >> steve: and the mission is to help the people of japan and that's why she got into the business to help people. >> and she has told me that is what she wanted do and there for. >> brian: you tell her we said hi, won't you. >> i surely will. >> martha: tell her thank you so much for what she is doing. that's what our military does, they go in the direction of trouble and problems facing the people of japan. thank you so much pat albright. it is good to talk to and your family that has served the nation. >> thank you. >> martha: thank you, ma'am. getting everyone at home to
7:11 am
the headlines this morning. the situation in bahrain is escalating. overnight security forces swept through the main public square and did that around dawn and using armored trucks and tear gas to put protestors out of there . they set fire to the camp there. two protestors and two policemen reported dead in bahrain. american diplomats are urging bahrain's leaders to use restraint against the demonstrators and to move faster for reform in that country. that is a familiar refrain in the middle east countries . a jury selection underway in new haven for the second suspect in the horrific 2007 home invasion case in connecticut. joshua sirgensky. his lawyers sought a motion to avoid the death penalty. the prosecutor said no way. he is accused of murdering
7:12 am
john fer hawk petit and her daughters. this was the horrific kind of crime imaginable and now the second man in that goes to trial. american astronaut scotticle yetwo russian cosmoalls are back on earth. they returned from five months on the international space station. kelly is the husband of -- brother of husband of grab gab ril kelly. they do look a lot alike. >> brian: they do. and check out this lesson in democracy. school children talk to scott walker. he must go. is that the right message for the kids. >> steve: what ever happened to itsy bitsy spider. think america is broke.
7:13 am
the panel in the studio with the debate raging over the united states. when we come back to "fox and friends" on this wet wednesday in new york. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer the smell of home made chili
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7:16 am
>> steve:let united states national debt is over 14 trillion dollars and growing by the second. democrats say we have cash but republicans say we are broke. who is right? join us for a fair and balanced debate. editor and chief of ., neal gilles pee . democratic strategist to chuck schumer christopher hawn . director of the council of foreign relation and author of dress maker of cahere cahana gail lamont.
7:17 am
good morning to both. this is what we here about. republicans say we are out of money and chris, democrats like you say we have plenty of money. >> i don't know about plenty. i think it is priorits . what we have to talk about in our government and make our fiscal policy what are our priorities f. our priorities are tax cut we always be broke. if you don't want to tax people off of the government many times. mr. #1: who is talking about tax cuts. >> we talked about them. >> steve: time to move on. we are out of money. and i don't agree with giving a tax cut. >> steve: that's history. >> that's not a tax cut. that is extension of tax rates in place. >> forget about the federal issue and what is going on in the states, look at wisconsin and mish pish and in wisconsin, states are broke. in wisconsin, before he created the fiscal crisis, he gave 108 million to the upper
7:18 am
echlon. >> steve: you made their point. there is plenty of money and nick, you say that is faulty thinking. >> it is a republican problem and democrat problem. with happened in the federal,itate and local levels. we spent money like drunken sailors could not do . wisconsin interestingly has the fourth highest combineditate and local tax burden coming in after new york and new jersey temperature is tax to the gills . so we are out of money. the states are looking at 125 billion short fall over the next couple of years and state and local governments and 56 out of 83 billion and the feds of course, are one and half trillion in debt. we are out of money and we have a spending problem and we don't center a revenue. >> one. we have plenty of money. >> i think the politics show how difficult it is to do that addresses the issue. people are so polarizing and what is politically feasible
7:19 am
is economically impractical. you face an issue where people are using the crisis to their advantage. >> steve: we have a budget for the defense department that doubled in the past decade. we didn't need to double it at the federal level period. two elective wars and jacked up medicare prescription give away to relativelily wealthy seniors under the bush administration and that was a mistake and state level, 2002 and 2007 jacked up spending massively. >> we are there. at the tipping point. >> you have had. >> but like we have going on in the past what is going on in your house. >> steve: are we out of money or do we have plenty. emaim us. at "fox and friends".com. after the panel they will chat about stuff and president obama is sticking to his
7:20 am
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>> brian: first five dollars, that's how much chase bank is charging noncustomer who use the atm machines in illinois and texas. atm machine fees are going up as banks try to make up for lost revenue. $200,000 response for a australian girl posted a invite. a 17 year old girl is accused
7:24 am
of making the invite to go viral. she was forced to cancel her party. one million, that's how many pounds they're donating to goya food bank. >> steve: japanese nuclear physicists crisis put a spotlight on the united states energy policy. some say the u.s. needs to step back and others say forge ahead. should president obama freeze nuclear physicists development in reaction to jap's problem. gail, according to the notes, this couldn't have happened at a worse time for obama. the president was trying to push forward with the nuclear physicists plant and this shows you, if you move forward you are in dangerous territor. germany is a perfect example of what happens in nuclear
7:25 am
policy goes awry. >> it is important to think how we can improve nuclear technology: >> steve: christopher? >> the federal government can have any policy they want and unless they are heavy handed and sigh this is where we will put the nuclear power plant. the local opposition whether you are on the left and right and i don't care if you are on the farthest think thank. you could have a problem if they want to put it in. that's where we will run into problems since the three mile incident. we haven't built a nuclear power plant. we can't build regular power plants in some communities. >> martha: but we need
7:26 am
electricity. >> nuclear power energy was dead in america in terms of new stuff. this is not going to help it for sure. >> steve: and the problem is energy needs, the president of the united states technically lifted the moratorium but we are not drilling for oil anywhere. and there are reasons to believe that we could increase our oil production and bring in from can dampt >> we need a comprehensive energy policy and haven't been able to do it. >> steve: what about the president of the united states. all we hear about is bullying and he's against it. >> we, we. >> steve: and his bracket revealed today. >> can't the president fill out his bracket like anybody else. i am sure titans of industry sat down. give him a pass. >> you know, buddy, i want to see the president actually fill out a bracket that goes
7:27 am
against the number one convention. >> we have to consider electoral politics. >> brian: we'll have to leave it there right now. nick and chris and gail, thank you very much. >> thank you. >>ip am jealous you are talking basketball. >> martha: so much for not leaving child behind. president obama proposing his own educational reform. michelle rejoins us to weigh in? some are >> brian: wisconsin kids taught to chant scott walker must go. o -cf1 o capital one has asked yours truly to talk about the venture card "match my miles" challenge. they're so confident their miles are better,
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7:32 am
pressure and abandoned a plan to use helicopters and dump water over the sites and saying that could be too dangerous for the choppers and others use fire trucks to spray on boric acid. there are large after shocks and the video shows the magnitude over mitto in japan. the death tollstands at 3,373 . that number will surpass the 10,000 mark as they continue to go through the rubble in japan. >> brian: rescuers pulled out awe 73 year old woman in the rubble. she's spent four days in the debris that was her home in near freezing temperatures. she suffers from hypothermia. her house was knocked down by the earthquake and knocked off of the fownation by the tsunami.
7:33 am
>> steve: we talked about her a couple of days ago. it is good to see she is okay. international man hunt underway for two suspects investigators believe played a key role in the 2009 al qaeda bomb plot on the subways trapes . canada issues arrest warns for yar and imam who lived there in can dampti mam is accused of training zazi who led guilty to the subway bomb plot. they left canada in 2007 and headed to pakistan for terror training . >> martha: later today house rules committee will vote on a bill for stripping federal funding for national public radio. it comes after a release of controversial videotape for the executive admitting maybe npr doesn't need federal money after all.
7:34 am
vivian schiller resigned after that videotape went viral. it will have to pass in the season as well >> brian: in music news. rocker jon bon jovi taking a shot to the heart to apple's steve jobs. he blames jobs for giving music a bad name and blames jobs was killing. he thinks itunes ruined the music lining experience. they don't physically hold or get albums . he doesn't think it is enough to simply download and listen to music. mr. #1: i like it you can have a song in 10 seconds . >> brian: i kept losing the covers to albums and i kept my beach boy albums like this . help me ronda over and over again. 92 and has anyone seen the
7:35 am
cover? >> martha: i did use to sit there and look it all over. >> brian: and look at it it is amazing. you are moving the country forward and fueling the international economy and you have enemies. >> steve: kids listen for a while on itunes and then different enough and on to the next song. speaking of kids, look at a video of a bunch of kids, could be a classroom full of kids in wisconsin. the day this was taped, listen to what they are singing. [inaudible] (chanting)
7:36 am
>> brian: i prefer to bring my kid to a knick game. that is fantastic. kids are looking at both sides of the issue. it is important to give them a fair and balanced look. 92 why are you screaming for everything son. that's what i did in son . by the way where does scott walker have to go? >> brian: how many know who he s. they know luke sky walker. >> martha: i remember the adults made us stand on the balconyewe shouted at the governor. that's what i remember. >> brian: and youtube. 92 and meanwhile, scott walker and what happened in wisconsin, became such a national story because of all of those democratic senators that went awol. one of those awol senators, tim cullen pictured there somewhere. he's got a great idea.
7:37 am
i have an idea to change the state constitution so that what we did can never happen again. >> brian: i am all for it. i have to give thim credit. i would like to ban my own bev - behavior. >> martha: i was in eight hotel. >> brian: i am tired of the hot tub. >> steve: he's suggesting that they had to wait for a forum and they needed one more senator in the house. he is suggesting that a simple majority be in attendance and then pass it. it is it going to take two years before anything happens regarding that. >> martha: and they will leave to block it? >> brian: and 22 minutes before the top of the hour. japanese stock market was hit hard following the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami. that can affect the global stock market. how does that impact your 401
7:38 am
k. dave ramsey joins us with the insight. what do you recommend. good to see you>> martha: should people state course with their investing? >> if you are an investor. you have to learn to ride the roller coaster. get hurt. >> steve: speaking of jump off . it is such a roller coaster. how do you stomach the roller coaster ride when you open the statements and look. that number is getting littler than bigger. >> one of the things we do is properly define investing and speculating and gambling. it is short-term activities. investing means you are in it for a long haul. you invest in the home and 401 k and you save for a couch and speculate what the day's news is for the stock market and invest for the long hall. >> brian: i invested in craps.
7:39 am
how do we get past the fear of investing? >> i think you have to feed your mind with something than just the news. no offense. a buddy of mine sig sigular gets up and reads the bible and newspaper and studies . learn about the market more than just what the new blurbs are throwing at you every you can't invest analysis based on the news of the day. that makes you crazy . >> martha: there is a lot of uncertainty where should they put their money. mutual funds or stocks. >> before things got topsy turvy. go growth stock mutual fund and i personally do and my 401 k is across growth, growth and income . aggressive growth and international . i am picking a mutual fund that has ridden the waves up
7:40 am
down. up waves and tech bubble of the '90s and down waves and crisis of the day politically or geo politically. be calm and invest in something that has a great long-term track record and helps the fear go away when things are bad. >> brian: or have dave ramsey. thank you so much. deep breaths. >> martha: calm. thank you, dave . next on the run president obama want to shake up george bush no child lest behind. michelle reed knows about shaking up school systems and will this change make a difference for the school children. >> steve: aflack question. this tv personality playing 14 instruments and where is the clock and led a life as surreal as the tv show. i know what it is. first e-mail on "fox and friends".com. clock is a give away.
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>> steve: officials in sabitsa cruz, california say that the damage from the tsunami is estimated at 25 million dollars in california . santa cruz's two harbors hardest hit of main land usa . police are getting another weapon against terrorism. a heavly armed patrol boat like this one used by the coast guard. the 72 footer is sealed against biological and gas attacks. martha, over to you. >> martha:, thank you, steve. president obama is calling for an educational overhaul after reports that give 82 percent of u.s. public schools . lin to that a failing grade. lin to what he said. >> what i've heard and what arny and the rest of my team has heard loud and clear from
7:45 am
teachers and students and parents and communities, is that no child left behind got some things right and got some things wrong. we need not only to hold failing schools accountable. but help turn those schools around. in the 21st century it is not enough to leave no child behind. >> martha: does this mean that no child left behind will be left behind. former chancellor of the dc schools joins us to weigh in. good morning great to have you here. you are obviously an expert. i am well, thank you. ing at that shocking number. 82 percent of the schools in this country are failing basically, having kids that fall below the level of proficiency . that's all no child left behind is looking for. 82 percent of our schools not making that bench mark. what do you think about that? >> i think if you look at data
7:46 am
in the country, you know that we have a problem in public education and certainly our schools are not serving a large percentage of our schools well and we are not where we need to be globally in terps of proficiency rates and where our kids are academically. >> martha: my kids take the tests and everybody's do. one thing that is good about it, it has put in stark terms just how tough the situation is, and teachers can't turn their back on it. a lot of them complain about teaching to the test s. what president obama suggesting putting less pressure on the schools in that sense? >> i continuing is important to understand how important no child left behind was in the education landscape. prior to the law we didn't have accountability and around subof kids. sometimes a high performing
7:47 am
school with of children whether it was a special ed children or english language learners that are falling behind and that was masked by the performance of the school overall . what no child left behind dmake us accountable for every child overall that. is a positive, positive thing. but, the president was right in that the law has things that need to be refine tweaked . we are hoping that in the reoctoberorization those things are. >> martha: you are right. without this law, we would never have known the dire problems that exist in this country. that's a good start. the organization that you founded, done incredible work in a bill that is passing the florida senate and we are going to see big changes there . tell us what it is like. it is a blueprint for the rest of the country. >> we are excited about the bill passed the senate last
7:48 am
week and going to the house today. we are expecting passage therely. it is it a bill that really addresses the key issues that we think that the nation faces overall . first of all, it makes illegal last in last out. it is by performance and quality insteved seniority . it also makes refinements to tenure and saying that tenure is no longer a job for life regardless of performance. if you are an ineffective or minimally ineffective teacher you can't have tenure anymore. that is it important. we think that it is incredibly important because it rewards the highest performing teachers . what it said every district has to create a performance pay system that rewards the highest quality. >> martha: running out upon
7:49 am
time. how did you get it through if you can michelle and what the union response has been to this. this sounds like something they will not like. >> unions are not happy with it but at students first. we activated members, parents and reform minded teacher and ape lot of florida teachers who say it is great for the profession and kids, we want to be recognize rewarded when we are good at our jobs and we don't think ivenive college should stay in the classroom. >> this may be a blueprint for real change. the kind of change that the president is talking b. thank you so much and we will be walking what you are doing shortly. see you soon. >> first came the disasters and then the looters in haiti and new orleans . and so why aren't we seeing similar kinds of scenes coming out of japan. a closer look at the japanese culture next. >> he is a republican whip in
7:50 am
charge of getting the votes out there and facing a battle when it comes to his own budget he's trying to get through. congressman kevin mccarthy coming up the next hour . number one song by disney. ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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7:53 am
>>let answer to the trivia question. my idol favor flab knows what time it is. winner is christi from montana. japanese people patient to get supplies. noticeably absent is the rioting and looting.
7:54 am
that happened in other places like haiti and chille. why is there not looting in japan. the professor at boston university. professor, you are not surprised the japanese are responding like this, why? i am not at all surprised that japanese take it not in stride but mobilizing for something larger than themselves. i think that sometimes what is missing in america is the sense of larger community and crisis reveals fault lines just as the earthquake reveals the earth's fault lines and our societies are laid bare when this happens. i think that japanese have long known their country is vulnerable and they have a small island country and these things happen . they've also felt we are in it together and we need to help
7:55 am
each other. >> brian: i understand that when a situation like haiti and katrina and to a degree in chile. class differences and people's anger to the place in life and possibly race play a role in how you act in times of crisis. >> i thinklet biggest role is the feeling of alienation that people get when their society is not taking care of them and they are forced on their own resources and i think poverty and class gaps and class gaps are relate to race. but race is not the primary function. >> brian: main thing what you say is we have lost that in we are all in this together in america and we were founded on it? >> we have taken the idea of individualism to an extreme . sometimes community just about disappears in america when it is take what you can get and
7:56 am
it is all about me. crisis can reveal that as well. >> brian: after 9/11 we were all in this together. thank you, professor. thank you. >>. >> brian: straight ahead. donald trump roast toasted and he got the last word all in fun. what donald had to say about the future for him and the country . that is in the top of the hour . don't miss country music legend kenny rogers. his secret to turning a profit on real estate and singing about it ♪ [ singing ] ♪
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7:58 am
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>> martha: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, march 16. i'm martha mccallum in for gretchen carlson. crews in japan ordered back into
8:00 am
the danger zone despite a dangerous surge in radiation and now emergency reviews are underway in china and other countries as well. not here in the united states, though. we are live with the breaking details. >> steve: look at that mess. some panic in the united states right now. swarming stores, people are for pills to fight for radiation and the surgeon general of the united states not helping, sending a frightening mixed message. >> brian: don't worry, president obama is on top of the situation. well, kind of. first he has to fill out his bracket, march madness for another network. "fox & friends" starts right now. #. >> martha: workers at japan's nuclear reactor failing site are
8:01 am
returning to work despite the serious concerns we heard about of the rising radiation levels that made them pull back for a little while. the crews at the plant have been evacuated overnight due to those levels that were spiking in radiation. these new pictures that we just got in, look at these, these show the destruction and damage at these reactors, 1 through 4, almost completely destroyed in most ways that we can see to the naked eye in these pictures. in the wake of this crisis, the chinese government is now saying that they need to order some safety inspections for all of their nuclear facilities. french president sarkozy is also announcing he is calling a special g-20 meeting to discuss as a global community the future of nuclear energy in this world and it's a good question. >> brian: taking the lead again. >> steve: for the very latest on the japanese nuclear crisis, we turn to david piper, he is at the air base west of tokyo, david?
8:02 am
>> as you said, those 50 brave workers have gone back into that fukushima plant to try to get the water running again, to cool those fuel rods because there is real concern there of them overheating and perhaps some kind of meltdown. earlier in the day, there was a desperate measure by the japanese authorities. they brought in a japanese helicopter with a huge bucket and it tried to pour water onto the plant to cool it. but they had to abort that mission because of the danger of the high levels of radiation there. there is still a 20-mile radius around the plant where people either have been brought out or been told to seal their homes because of the danger. and also the focus is on the millions of people up in the far northeast of the country who are really suffering at this time. the temperatures are dropping, it's miserably cold near tokyo. but you can't imagine what they're feeling up north. of course, at this air base on
8:03 am
the edge of the japanese capital and they're really gearing up now to help these people, the first aircraft flew up and the american red cross is behind me and they're gearing up operations. so they're really trying to help these people, but it is desperate times. back to you. >> steve: all right, david piper with the latest, thank you. >> brian: you have to wonder. do people know how to seal up their homes? i wouldn't know how. >> steve: tom rich told us how to. >> martha: electrical tape, remember all that? your windows and doors are sealed with duct tape. who knows? look at this house. we have a picture of a house literally adrift in the water. >> steve: it looks like they really sealed that one up. how could it be intact? there it is floating along. somebody from the uss ronald reagan snapped this picture. amazing. we told you the story about the
8:04 am
70-year-old woman who was found. >> martha: she is in the hospital now recovering. >> steve: and a couple days ago about the guy on the roof of what's left of his house. is there anybody inside that house? we don't think so. but to see that intact is amazing. >> brian: if you see those houses on stilts, it's sealed on the bottom. it survived the earthquake and the tsunami and the waves. the uss ronald reagan snapped that a couple days ago. a lot of people on the west coast after they saw the tsunami hit us in hawaii and santa cruz are saying if the waves can get here, what about the radiation? just in case, it seems people on the west coast understandably are running to get iodine tablets and kelp. so where is the surgeon general on this? the california surgeon general, health inspector as well as ours? how do they feel about this push to get these pills? by the way, does he even know
8:05 am
about it? here is william tucker on the crisis that maybe we think we're glory blowing. >> it's a panic for japan. it's a serious situation for the people who work there. it's not something for people in the united states to be worrying about this, 6,000 miles of ocean between us. none of this -- i think you should stare in the camera and say nobody on the west coast should be running out looking at iodine pills. >> steve: okay. and the reason he talked a little bit about that is because the surgeon general of the united states regina benjamin, when asked about this run on all of these iodine pills, she said, well, you know, people should be prepared. not an overreaction and a good precaution. then, of course, people in california, in their emergency management agency said, you don't have to worry about that. and they said that there is this nuke plant out there, diablo canyon and said if they were going to have some sort of radiation leak there, they would only give the pills out to
8:06 am
people who were up to ten miles out. when you're talking thousands of miles over in japan and overreaction? >> brian: ten miles? okay. five minutes after the hour, a lot of people looking for leadership in times like this. >> martha: the president is urging calm. he wants everybody to do things as they normally would, because that's what he's doing. he's making his bracket pick for march madness. nobody begrudges the president doing that in his private time. but the fact this image is going out from the white house is raising questions. you've got so much going on in the world, listen to dana perino and what she had to say about this. >> today he did three interviews with regional news outlets in key battle ground states for 2012. they're starting very, very early. you still have yet to do an interview with nhk, the main news outlet for japan. how reassuring it would be for the japanese to hear from the president right now. >> brian: considering we're there with all those bases and all those people and about the
8:07 am
radiation scare, the president has a lot to do and his priorities are askew. he is focusing on no child left hyped, a meeting with the danish prime minister, his brackets and golf. at the very least, he needs to be protected from appearing to be detached from libya, the middle east and everything else as well as the crisis in japan and the budget battles by his own staff. >> martha: the president has instructed his team to continue to fully engage in discussions with nato and the u.n. that's the message to the middle east right now. really libya -- the rebels in libya are really are what you could call their last stand. benghazi is the last stay for these rebels. are is the discussion on it? >> steve: we should point out that the white house responded about why the president did the brackets and the white house communications director said the president of the united states filled out his bracket with espn, used it as a chance to encourage people to visit u.s.
8:08 am to help people in japan. >> brian: right. >> steve: why did he do it last year then? >> brian: i'm not sure. he does it every year. >> steve: by the way, he's picking in the final four, duke, kansas, ohio state, and pittsburgh. >> brian: all number one seeds. 7 minutes after the top of the hour. what else is up? >> martha: some of the headlines, violence escalating in bahrain overnight. security forces sweeping through the capital's main public square around dawn this morning, they used armored trucks and tear gas to drive hundreds of protesters who we understand were in the square out. they even set fire -- remember all the camps we saw set up. now they're in the square and set fire to one of those. officials say at least six people were killed during that. two protesters as well as two policemen and a couple of other people. american diplomats are urging bahrain's leaders to use restraint against the demonstrators and to move faster, get going with that reform in bahrain is the message. and.
8:09 am
scott kelly two russian cosmonauts are back to earth, safe and sound in the northern desert of kazakhstan. they returned after five months on the international space station. kelly is the twin better of mark kelly, the husband of wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. mark will get his turn in space once again. he's been several times. as nasa prepares to launch spend for the last time, it has another problem that we're hearing about. this is quite a story. drugs. a substance believed to be cocaine found at cape canaveral. tests are being done to confirm that it is the drug and a number of nasa workers are expected to undergo drug tests as well. this comes after a 53-year-old worker fell to his death from the launch pad in what's believed to be an unrelated incident. they're investigating that as well. 2012 politic this is morning? donald trump getting roasted for charity.
8:10 am
he closed the show last night with -- wait until you hear this -- listen to this. >> we all need to laugh. >> true. [ applause ] >> i know that better days are ahead. if we believe in ourselves and the way i believe in myself and i really do believe in myself, then come june, if i decide to run, you'll have the great pleasure of voting for the man that will easily go down as the greatest president in the history of the united states. me, donald john trump. god bless america, and good night. >> martha: move over, george washington and abraham lincoln. >> steve: he's running! >> martha: he's so excited about
8:11 am
this. he's having a blast. i don't know whether he's actually going to run or n. but he's saying a lot of things that are resonating a lot of folks. do you think he'll run? >> brian: i do. he doesn't lose on anything. he's going to give it a real run, i sense. 11 minutes after the hour. straight ahead, on our rundown, it's his job to whip up the votes. so why can't congress get a permanent budget passed and rule out a government shutdown? we'll ask kevin mccarthy next. >> steve: kenny rogers live on the curvy couch and he's not all about music. turns out kenny can turn a profit on real estate even in this market. how does he do it? stick around. he's a gambler. 
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> today is the ides of march. you know what that is.
8:15 am
44 bc julius caesar was stabbed to death in the roman senate by 60 conspirators. see, that could never happen today. you can't get 60 senators to agree on anything. [ laughter ] >> brian: welcome back. our next guest knows all about what jay leno was referring to. it's his job to whip up the votes for the budget battle on capitol hill, but he's facing problems in his own party. joining us is kevin mccarthy. we have an extension. we have extension until april 8. so the house passed it and now you're going to cut $6 billion in the interim. why did you lose so many republicans in the process? >> well, it's the frustration. every republican is frustrated. remember why we're even in this problem. when the democrats controlled the congress, the senate, and the white house, they never passed a budget and we had a $1.5 trillion deficit. so government was only funded
8:16 am
'til march 4 and republicans became the majority. now, the republicans in the house, we had an open debate where everybody could offer amendments, 90 hours, unheard of. we produced one that sent it over to the senate that actually got more votes than the democratic plan. you see a lack of leadership. then after that, the president said he wanted to negotiate. so he sent the vice president down who had one meeting where government was only funded for the next two weeks and then he left the country. there is a lack of leadership on the democrat's point and we are frustrated that we're one piece of the puzzle here. but they are doing nothing. >> brian: out of the 54 republicans that defected, and i understand where you're coming from, 20 were the so-called tea party freshmen. at this point, anyone who is apt mystic that you can get another extension passed april 6 is not looking at these votes or listening to what your own party is saying. correct? >> look, republicans do not like
8:17 am
doing this short-term extension. we have a plan that takes it all the way through. we are the only one. the senate has not produced one. the president has not produced one. it's only the republicans. now, republicans are getting frustrated that you've got a majority on the senate side that can't even put something together and you got a president doing lack of leadership. >> brian: right. so you feel as though -- this is really up to the president, 'cause you're not going to budge with the majority run by the republicans. doesn't seem like the democratic-led senate will budge. so you really need the white house to lead. are you calling on the president to lead? >> i think the president should lead. he sent the vice president and you can't come for one day and only have government funded for two weeks and then leave the country and think something gets done. we gave him one more chance in the process. we've cut another $6 billion in two weeks, we've cut $10 billion. that's the most that's ever been cut from government i think in the last decade. when the democrats in their last congress, they added $585 billion in the first four weeks. we're actually cutting more than
8:18 am
$500 billion. >> brian: i'm sure you saw the president last week. one of the things he said is republican cuts are essentially about your political agenda and he pointed out head start cuts were not going to balance the budget. what's your reaction? >> totally untrue. you're talking to a guy that sat on the head start board for ten years. you're going to tell me you can't find waste? we're looking at discretionary funding. in the last three years, under obama, discretionary spending has been increased with the stimulus 83%. you tell me what household in america has been increased by 83%. government should tighten their belt like every other american household and that's what republicans are doing. >> brian: it would be great to see a creative way to get private sector involved and take over some of these programs. congressman, i look forward to seeing what's next. at least we have a bill paying for government until april 6. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: go whip something up today. coming up straight ahead, did you hear this? the company battling a nuclear
8:19 am
meltdown in japan has plans to build in texas. but they have a shady safety history. so what happens now? then, the taxpayer money train about to make a big stop in honor of joe biden for all his hard work on the stimulus. how is that stimulus working for you? i feel stimulated.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
>> steve: this is a fox news alert. moments ago, a court in pakistan has released that c.i.a. contractor bit name of raymond davis. his murder case dropped. last january davis shot two men during a robbery he claims self-defense. the u.s. argued that davis was protected by diplomatic immunity. in the end, they paid what we were talking about yesterday, some blood money under sharia law and now he is out.
8:23 am
later today, the house rules committee expected to vote on a bill stripping taxpayer funding for npr, national public radio. the vote comes a week after the controversial release of videotape showing a top npr executive insulting tea party members and admitting that npr didn't really need taxpayer money. martha? >> martha: all right. thank you. the same company that operates the fukushima nuclear plant in japan wants to build nuclear reactors in texas. but that project is stalled right now, as you might imagine. advocates for the south texas project say the japan's nuclear crisis should not stop plans to build two nuclear reactors 90 miles outside of houston, texas. the reactors could still be built, but is now the right time? that's the question. here to weigh in on that is peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. >> martha: good morning. there has been a lot of push from a lot of people for nuclear power, among other kinds of power, and so we have these two reactors scheduled to be built in texas. good idea? >> it's an interesting pullback
8:24 am
of the veil of secrecy that i talked about yesterday in terms of the nuclear industrial government complex that exists in this country and around the world. what toshiba and its partner both involved deeply in the tragedy that's unfolding in japan now were interested in doing were investing in being part in building two new nuclear reactors at the south texas nuclear facility, which is about 90 miles southwest of houston. it appears to be on hold now based on what's happened in japan. i think we have to understand that it's part of almost a $50 billion federal program to guarantee loans to nuclear plant formations here in the united states. so there was a question about whether this will go forward in the context of what's happening and will it go forward in the context of insuring that these new plants are earthquake resistant, tsunami resistant, have sufficient back up plans that don't put us in the same position that japan is in.
8:25 am
>> martha: let's take a look at what they said about that because if you pull this up, it shows how clear it was to them that -- they're saying it makes sense to put this on hold. my first thoughts are for the people of japan and also to the work force struggling to maintain -- >> that's fine. >> martha: you have conservatives in this country for a long time saying why don't we use more nuclear power? europe is using it and now you have president obama signing off on money to be spent on these projects. do you not have any faith in the fact that these could be done in a safe manner in this country? >> i have faith that the people of japan have probably not been told the truth because the people of the world have not been told the truth. we still don't know what's happened there. we still know that people have been forced to go into their homes and somehow be closeted there as if that is protection against a nuclear fallout or nuclear radiation. it is not. what we do know is that tepco,
8:26 am
along with its colleagues around the world, made claims about safety which when put to the test, including in 9.0 earthquake, are not met with reality. so as we leave the segment, i think we need to focus on what tepco said in japan with regard to the safety of its facilities. tepco says before constructing a nuclear power plant, the site is carefully studied for previous earthquake records and geological features. this study establishes that there is no active fault under the site. then the building, the equipment, the piping and listen to this, and other equipment are all designed to withstand the strongest possible earthquake in the area. so the people in the 20-mile radius of fukushima with access to a web site of tepco went to sleep each and every night
8:27 am
knowing that they were safe from the strongest possible earthquake. >> martha: the fault may not have been right under the plant, but it was close enough to affect the ground movement. >> so we read the web sites around this country from entergy and other countries that own sites in this country, let's look at it with a jaundiced eye and let's make sure that they're safe. >> martha: let's look at this for just a moment. this is a list of the timeline for tepco. in 2007, they failed to initially report release of radiation after an earthquake. in 06, the government found falsification of coolant water temperatures at the fukushima plant. in 2003, acknowledged a cover-up of reactor inspection data. in 2002, they admitted falsification of safety tests on the number 1 reactor and we all know that that number 1 -- >> i'm going to speculate what's going to happen when the investigation goes forward with japan's own robust atomic energy
8:28 am
commissions, with international commission, with the help of the nrc, there will be indictments in japan. there will be the piper to pay, but meanwhile, unfortunately, potentially thousands of people will have leukemia. we can't put up with that in this country. i'm for nuclear power, but i'm also for americans living in the shadow of nuclear power and not becoming homeless citizens, walking the pacific palisades looking for their loved ones. that's not what we need. >> martha: thank you so much. good to see you, peter. all right. coming up, we'll speak actually with a person who lived through the chernobyl experience and steve and brian will tell us more about what's coming up. >> steve: that's right. politics, meanwhile, are a big mess in libya. but moammar gadhafi has some problems at home. wait until you hear who moved into his house. >> brian: and sarah palin making a bold claim. president obama wants you to pay $4 for gas.
8:29 am
he likes it. and she has more to say. what's the third story about? >> steve: i don't know. to the producer. do you know what's coming up next? it's kenny rogers, ladies and gentlemen! >> can i get tenure here. >> brian: kenny rogers, are you coming up next? >> i think so. >> steve: it is possible. >> brian: believe in yourself. >> steve: you picked a fine time to watch "fox & friends." let's go! [ thinking ] oh, gourmet deliciousness... i want you tonight! [ female announcer ] wish granted. lean cuisine has a fresh new bag. lean cuisine market creations steam meals.
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> steve: fox news alert. containment efforts at japan's fukushima nuclear reactor are back on this morning. work was held up overnight in the united states after surging radiation levels made it too dangerous for the crews to stay at the site. smoke could be seen pouring from the plant. officials say it could be radioactive. new pictures show just how badly some of those reactors have been damaged. first by last week's quake, then by several explosions, and fires within the plant. in a shred of good news, officials just announced there was no major damage to the containment vessel of number 3 reactor as was early year feared. meanwhile, large aftershocks continue to rock the area. look at that video right there, shows a 6.0 magnitude aftershock
8:34 am
that struck the city of mito earlier this morning. if that's not bad enough, search and rescue crews now dealing with -- that's right -- snow. 676 people are confirmed dead. so far that number expected to surpass the 10,000 mark. and in about 15 minutes, we're going to be joined by a survivor of the chernobyl disaster who says this will likely be worst than what we're being told and he has a warning for victims and rescue workers alike. >> brian: the rest of the headlines. international manhunt underway for two suspects believed to have played a key role in the 2009 al-qaeda bomb plot to blow up new york city subway trains. remember this? the names are hard to pronounce. get a look at the faces. two muslim extremists accused of. this imam is accused of trading in a gladysy who pleaded guilty to the bomb plot. those two guys pictured there
8:35 am
left canada in 2007 and went to pakistan for terror training. what else is new? >> martha: sarah palin accusing the president of being responsible for the spike in gas prices. she wrote this on her facebook page, quote, according to triple a, 3.55 is the average price across the united states right now for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline and she says the president has not done enough to turn that situation around. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, let's take a look around the united states of america and find out the weather. as you can see, we've got a big storm moving through the northeast. some heavy stuff. a little bit of snow on the northern side. down through portions of the ohio valley at this hour. also if you're just waking up on the west coast from san francisco up through puget sound, it's raining in the middle part of the country, it is for the most part, nice and dry. the current readings, as you step out the door on this day before st. patrick's day, it's freezing in chicago. oprah, wear a coat.
8:36 am
50s and 60s across much of texas right now. 60s predominantly across much of florida. and later today, martha, here is your green right here. almost 70 in raleigh and atlanta and memphis as well. 85 out in el paso. and in cleveland, much of the ohio valley temperatures in the upper 40s. >> brian: now let's turn to libya. moammar gadhafi's son, one of his nine kids, just saying in an interview that the conflict will be over in 48 hours and any action to impose a no fly zone will be too late. then that as president obama is coming under fire for not acting quickly enough. wendell goler is at the white house. wendell? >> brian, with gadhafi's forces on the move, there is a lot of talk and consideration about a no fly zone. the north atlantic council, which is nato's political arm, is meeting today to consider one. the u.n. security council resolution introduced yesterday includes no fly provisions.
8:37 am
the white house says a no fly zone remains an option, but privately it would seem officials here really don't want it to look like an american idea. they say they don't want the u.s. to be the issue in libya's rebellion. there have been bipartisan calls in congress for a no fly zone, but experts say it's not clear that would save libya's opposition. the arab league called for a no fly zone, but opposes military intervention. defense secretary gates said a no fly zone would start with an attack on libya's air defenses. and italy is the logical base for a no fly zone, but it won't allow it. without strong u.s. backing, it would seem the idea won't go anywhere. still white house spokesman jay carney denies the president is letting europe take the lead. >> fair to say the united states is still sitting on the fence on this? isn't it time to make a decision yes or no? >> you tell me as an american citizen, would you want your
8:38 am
president not to consider all the implications and ramifications of -- >> secretary of state clinton who met with libyan opposition leaders yesterday, says that any action must start with the u.n. security council and within that, there is a push now for the arab league to at least participate if not completely operate a no fly zone. brian? >> brian: thanks a lot. tense times, certainly a lot on the president's agenda. when you talk about the gadhafi, we asked him to leave. mr. gadhafi was asked to leave by our president. he did not leave. i imagine his son wants certain squatters to leave his palace or his mansion in london. >> martha: known for throwing those big parties and having lots of celebrities singing at those, that's his really nice house in london. $5 million pad, we're told. it's got a big sign on it with his father's face with an x on it. they're basically having a good
8:39 am
time living as squatters. it's a mess. >> brian: if i'm throwing a party, i start with al-jazeera and work my way backwards. so you really can't go wrong. streamers and i'm in. >> martha: where do you go from there? >> steve: oh, man. straight ahead on this wednesday, a survivor from the disaster at chernobyl says the japanese people near those plants need to leave now. why he says it's worse than we're being told. >> martha: the taxpayers spending train is making a very special stop for joe biden today. there he is waving from the back of the caboose. does he deserve an award for his work on the stimulus package? we are back in a few minutes. we make meeting times, lunch times and conference times.
8:40 am
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>> martha: let's get to quick headlines. joe biden has a train station named after him and you paid for it. the station is in wilmington, delaware, under $38 million for the renovation. 20 million of that came from our stimulus package. and watch your wallet, folks. atm fees are going up. seriously? chase bank is charging $5 to noncustomers who use its atm machines in illinois. in texas, the banks are reportedly trying to make up for lost revenue from those new federal regulations. they get you one way or the other. over to you, steve. >> steve: thanks, martha. it is fish lee the worst nuclear disasser in history. a complete meltdown at the chernobyl plant back in 1986. even though japanese officials say that their situation at their plant is not that bad, one chernobyl survivor says residents should not take any chances. they need to leave now. that survivor, simon, joins us
8:44 am
live right now from miami. good morning to you, simon. >> good morning, sir. thanks for having me here. >> steve: it's great to have you as well. you were eight years old at the time of chernobyl and what do you remember the government telling your family about how bad it was? >> the government never said really anything. i remember that i was eight years old, just like you said, but i remember my parents and everybody around wondering why government is really keeping this a secret. we lived right by the station. we all knew something was going on, but even on the national tv, they said that everything is okay. you just relax. minor accident. nothing happened. >> steve: just a minor accident. of course, through time then, it was determined that something bad had happened there. tell me about the casket money that the government offered people who lived around there. >> later on when we realized a
8:45 am
lot of really more cemeteries than anything were built around and my classmate, little kids they were passing away and we saw this happening, government was giving away something called casket money for people to buy additional vitamins or this is what -- i mean, they didn't call it -- the people referred to it as casket money. >> steve: sure. simon, we got to point out that what happened in chernobyl was the worst nuclear disaster we've had in -- while manufacturing electricity on the planet. and they say that what's going on right now in japan is not nearly that bad. there has been release of some radioactive vapor and stuff like that, but they're making it sound not so bad. but you say the people of japan who live around that reactor, those reactors, need to do what? >> basically i would think that they would need to leave because even the government might not necessarily, or anybody might
8:46 am
necessarily estimate the consequences when you're dealing with something that is dangerous. it's like an invisible energy. it's not a shooting at you. you don't know where and how to expect it. you don't know how it's going to get to you, so you better leave instead of taking chances with your own health and health of your family. >> steve: i can understand why you would not have trusted the russian government. but you don't think that the people around there should trust the japanese government either? >> i think they should totally trust the government. i mean, the government has been very welcoming in terms of the international help. i'm sure they learned their lessons from 25 years from chernobyl. i don't say they shouldn't trust the government. it's difficult to take chances again when you're dealing with something as dangerous as radiation. it's more than just trusting the government. you're playing with your own health, which you don't necessarily want to do.
8:47 am
>> steve: you're exactly right. simon with the unique perspective because you've been there at chernobyl. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. straight ahead on our telecast on this wednesday, the gambler himself is taking a gamble on us. yes, kenny rogers live in the studio, going to sit down on the curvy couch. we think it will pay off, but does he? come on, kenny. sit down. walk toward the light.
8:48 am
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8:50 am
>> good morning. i'm bill hemmer here live in new york. we'll have the latest on japan's nuclear crisis. we have excellent guests for you today. some who argue that japanese,
8:51 am
we, the world has little to worry about. others who argue enough already on this. meanwhile, congress, what's it doing with your money? a major budget battle today in d.c a republican mayor in miami wants to raise your taxes. wait until you hear what the people of miami are doing because of it. we are islands in the stream, gamblers with a friend named lucille. we'll see new ten minutes. martha, get a picture with kenny, the man. >> martha: i know, bill. i'll see you tomorrow. ♪ know when to hold them ♪ . >> i want to hear you guys sing. >> martha: i want martha to introduce you properly. >> martha: ladies and gentlemen, kenny rogers. yea! music legend! i've been listening to your music all morning. it's made everything -- it makes it pleasant, which doesn't necessarily happen when you're hanging out with brian and
8:52 am
steve. kidding. >> steve: first of all, we should point out, kenny rogers wakes up every morning to "fox & friends." >> i do. i watch "fox & friends" and i take my boys to school. >> steve: that's great. we're going to talk a little about your brand-new album out, called "the love of god." you've gone a little gospel. >> i've had people for 20 years ask me about doing a gospel album. i've always been very self-conscious of that 'cause i've never been overtly christian, but i've always been inspirational -- i've always been intensively, i've always cared about it. when we started doing this, it really was a bit of a life changer for me 'cause you get in there and you hear the hope in some of these songs and they really make you feel good. so i think it's one of the best things i've ever done. >> brian: that's good. unlike the irish who like to sing about drinking, which is totally honest. >> it's not like i haven't done that. >> brian: we've heard that. and gambling.
8:53 am
>> and gambling. >> martha: a lot of people don't know that you're an entrepreneur. you've basically had a lot of different business interests in your life. one of them has been house flipping and it sounds like you picked the right time period to buy several houses and fix them up and flip them. >> i'm an interior decorator and i do all my own landscaping. so i come in and i about -- >> steve: what do you mean you do your own landscaping? you get a shovel examine and go -- and go out in your yard? >> it's interesting because i'm basically a creative person. when i'm not out on the road singing, i have to have something. right now photography is my passion. i have a new photography book that comes out. i just have to have something that i can do. >> steve: you have got two six-year-old kids at home. you've got plenty to do. >> someone said the other day, and i think it's true, six-year-old boys, they're like little criminals. >> martha: there they are. >> i want to live long enough to see them be president and i'm okay. >> martha: they are so cute.
8:54 am
>> don't they look like they're plan ago bank robbery? >> martha: that's how my husband talks about our boys, too, the little criminals. >> steve: are you related to kenny rogers? >> that's my wife. that's wanda. >> steve: you've been married -- >> several times. >> steve: no, to her. >> brian: can i ask you this, what's the difference between being a dad later in life as opposed to when you're younger? >> they say having kids at my age will make you or break you and right now i'm leaving heavily toward break. these two boys will dismantle your house. they're sweet kids, but they've got -- their grandfather is a do it yourselfer and they've got screwdrivers and they're taking the tv apart and -- justin the other day, i was on him from the minute he woke up 'til he went to bed. what are you doing? get off the table. don't throw balls in the house.
8:55 am
at the end of the day, he's going up the stairs to go to bed and he comes back, sticks his head around the corner and says, daddy, i am really getting tired of you. [ laughter ] >> brian: that is not the hallmark card we were looking for. >> martha: it sounds like your house, right. >> steve: your kids are six. do they have any idea who kenny rogers is? >> no, but i'm a little embarrassed. we went to disneyland new year's eve and we're standing in line to go do this and jordan says, i thought we were vips. why are we standing in line? >> martha: aren't you kenny rogers or something? >> steve: 50 years in show business and you got a tv special, you're working on an autobiography. you're busy. >> yeah, i have to stay busy, 'cause i can sit home and watch tv with the big boys. but the fact ising this nothing that thrills me more than creating something really unique. >> brian: a lot of times people who are very creative don't have the drive, the money drive to be
8:56 am
successful. you were also very entrepreneurial. so together, you put them both together. right, because you need the push. >> i do. also there is nothing that satisfies creativity like the reward of having someone say, i love that house, or i love what you've done here, or even in photography, i love that book. >> brian: or i'll pay that price that you're asking for. >> martha: meanwhile, he's going, i paid half of that for this house. i'm happy you love it. >> steve: stick around. we want to continue the conversation with kenny rogers in two minutes. you're watching "fox & friends." who is singing? >> i know her. ♪ sail away with me ♪ to another world ♪ and we rely on each other ha, ha ♪ ♪ from one
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> brian: go get kenny rogers' cd. ohm at cracker barrel. is that true? >> only at cracker bar


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